Books & DVDs for Sale

The Alliance offers a few resources for sale at below-cost. Come by or call the office to purchase.

A Dignified Life

By Virginia Bell, MSW & David Troxel, MPH
Alzheimer's Alliance Price: $7.00
Troxel and Bell offer an enlightened new approach to Alzheimer's care. A Dignified Life will become a practical, life-enhancing resource for anyone faced with the daunting responsibility of caring for someone with Alzheimer's, either at home or in a medical facility. The book outlines strategies for understanding and care giving utilizing the “Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s Care.” Highly recommended!

The 36-Hour Day

By Nancy L. Mace, M.A. & Peter V. Rabins, M.D., M.P.H.
Alzheimer's Alliance Price: $10.00
Revised in 2006 for its twenty-fifth anniversary, this best-selling book is a great reference for families caring for people with Alzheimer disease. The new edition includes: new information on diagnostic evaluation -resources for families and adult children who care for people with dementia -updated legal and financial information -the latest information on nursing homes and other communal living arrangements -new information on research, medications, and the biological causes and effects of dementia.

Alzheimer’s From the Inside Out

By Richard Taylor, PhD
Alzheimer's Alliance Price: $15.00
Thoughtful and self-reflective, this collection of illuminating essays offers a rare glimpse into the often incomprehensible world of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease. Diagnosed at age 58, psychologist Richard Taylor shares a provocative and courageous account of his slow transformation and deterioration, and of the growing divide between his reality and the reality of others. “Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out” is a captivating read for anyone affected by this mind-robbing disease. Individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease will take comfort in the voice of a fellow traveler experiencing similar challenges, frustrations, and triumphs. Family and professional caregivers will be enlightened by Taylor’s revealing words, gaining a better understanding of an unfathomable world and how best to care for someone living in it.

Creating Moments of Joy

By Jolene Brackey
Alzheimer's Alliance Price: $12.00
Both professional and family caregivers will enjoy this book chockfull of practical solutions and insights. Jolene’s “can do” approaches maintain individual dignity and enhance life quality for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Book sections include “Understanding the Person with Alzheimer’s,” “Powerful Tools That Create Positive Outcomes,” “Let’s Talk Communication,” “Memory Enhanced Environments,” and “Enhanced Moments.”

Coach Broyles’ Playbook for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

By Coach Frank Broyles
Alzheimer's Alliance Price: $6.00
The author is the former Athletic Director for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, and this "playbook" grew out of from his experience of caring for his wife who passed away from the effects of Alzheimer's in 2004. This comprehensive guide with a helpful pocket brochure covers a number of important topics, including communicating with doctors as well as communication tips with your loved one as the disease progresses. Also included is advice regarding dressing, wandering, home safety, eating and general survival.

Take 2: Your Guide to Creating Happy Endings and New Beginnings

By Leeza Gibbons
Alzheimer's Alliance Price: $20.00
Leeza Gibbons has many life experiences that prepared her for writing this book, including being a former caregiver for her Mother who had Alzheimer’s disease. TAKE 2 is for anyone who wants to jump-start their life, to head in a new direction or simply start over. If you feel stuck or if you've just lost your way, TAKE 2 shares tips and techniques to help you get back on track while reminding you that this is YOUR life and it should be lived by YOUR rules! You can do it with no regrets, no excuses and no looking back... let Leeza Gibbons show you the way!

Your Time to Care DVD

Produced by The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Alzheimer's Alliance Price: $15.00
This step-by-step educational DVD is designed to help family and professional caregivers effectively handle the core concepts of care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Bolstered by gaining an understanding of the disease, caregivers benefit from hands-on techniques related to activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, etc.), behavioral management and safety issues. Gain insight from interviews with family members and professionals.